5 best English speaking hacks | Talking Fluently and with Confidence

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

hello guys!!! Everyone wants to Speak fluent English but some people always have a fear that they can’t speak English fluently. Today guys I am here with 5 best English speaking hacks which will help you to talk Fluently and with Confidence.

5 best English speaking hacks

If you ask most peoples what is the 1st step of improving spoken languages. They say, Aray Bhai news daykhlay, classes join kar. But I don’t believe In such ways…

5 best English speaking hacks

  Step1: Enjoy the process

If you want to learn the English language you have to enjoy the process. & keeping enjoyment in my mind I got 3 easy solutions.

These 3 solutions are basically 3 options in order to improve your English. If you really want to improve it you got a make it habits to practice this 3 options. You gonna practice these for a minimum 15 minutes every day or a maximum however long you want.

I suggest 1 hour in a day is good to start with it.

1st solution: Easy video content

  • Option no. 1 is we are talking cartoons primarily where language use is super simple. It makes for children to understand.
  • If you are too old to watch cartoons option 2 is watch English Youtube and Netflix video content.
  • Option no. 3 is my personal favorite you can watch English cricket commentary.

Choose a piece of video content which you clearly enjoy to watch it.

2nd Solution: Radio/podcasts

  • Also, keep in mind it was just a 1st solution that watching a lot of video content.
  • If someone who doesn’t enjoy video content that’s ok.
  • If you enjoy listening Radio/podcasts do that.

3rd Solution: Reading or writing

  • Reading a little beat simple English.
  • You can also read short stories from school textbooks.
  • Some people pick up a language while reading it or writing.
  • You don’t have to write an entire research paper in English if you’re not ready for that yet.
  • However, a simple daily writing routine is definitely useful. Start by writing personal essays.
  • It’s the best format since you can write about yourself and all the topics that interest you.
  • You can also go for that.

What you Enjoy the most do that thing in every single day!!!

(min 15 min maximum however long you want)

Step no. 1 is a fun part it’s just a 15 min whatever you enjoy. Step no. 2 is a habit of practice step no. 1.

  Step 2: Observation

  • You don’t have to improve your vocabulary, you don’t have to learn a lot of big words or new words. But what you have to focus on is Sentence Construction.
  • While watching video content some ways in which they construct sentences are different from the ways you think.
  • So every time you spot a difference in a content that you are watching, listening, reading you got make mental note of it.
  • You gonna realize this isn’t a way you speak English & that’s why your English mind has a small mistake. Pickup that mistake. keep in your mind. Practice it.

Just observe the English from outside

5 best English speaking hacks

 Step 3: Put your EGO Aside

  • Step no. 3 is a most important point in this list of 5 best English speaking hacks. It is about putting your Ego aside.
  • A lot of Indians associates English with intelligence. If you can speak English that means you are intelligent.
  • Keep in mind if everytime some people make fun of your English they are not making fun of you they making fun of themselves.
  • If you are speaking in English & you are making mistakes that’s perfectly alright.
  • If people point out your mistakes you remember that for rest of your life & you English improves in this process.
  • You shouldn’t give a shit about what people think.
  • You should give a shit about becoming the best version of you in every aspect.

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  Step 4: Clarity of taught

  • Step no. 4 is something which I learn from the world of blogging & youtube.
  • You wanna improve any kind of spoken language 1st gonna case clarity of thoughts.
  • A lot of people consult about speaking English because they think Log kya kahenge. Translation of words. What is correct word?
  • Clarity of taught is use to remove all of this bad things.
  • What you have to do is meditations.

  Step 5: It is not important

  • 5th and final point of 5 best English speaking hacks is very simple STOP GIVING ENGLISH THAT MUCH IMPORTANT!!!
  • It’s a huge flaw in Indian society that English is Associated with intelligence. It’s the flaw because of the British Rules.
  • 200 years of British rules put it in our mind that English is Associated with intelligence. but that a very wrong mentality to have.
  • Nowhere else in the world find this mentality.
  • In Germanypeople speak German. In Japan, people speaks Japanize.
  • In India, we should speak Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Sanskrit. that’s our actual language.

5 best English speaking hacks

  • Do believe that India is moving to a point in history where Hindi is ok.
  • Even while speaking in English You can put a little bit of Hindi is accepted.
  • If you stuck while talking in English complete your sentence with HIndi.

So guys this are 5 best English speaking hacks which will help you to talk Fluently and with Confidence.

If you have any douts, suggestion or tips comment down below.

Happy vootpooling…




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