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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2019)

Google Assistant is the future of today’s generation with high tech artificial intelligence.  There are so many companies working on artificial intelligence but Google is one step ahead with google assistant. There are so many features which people’s don’t know about it. today I am here to tell you about 5 best google assistant tricks which blow your mind.

5 best google assistant tricks

5 best google assistant tricks


  1) Business Hours

  • Google helps us to know the schedule of big and small businesses.
  • If the business is indexed on google my business then Google assistant will tell you detail information about that business.
  • You can also set the reminder for any kind of meeting with the help of Google Assistant.

5 best google assistant tricks

  2) GPS Approximation Arrival Time

  • You can ask Google Home to tell you how long its gonna take you to walk or to drive to wherever you say.
  • So if I am thinking about going nearest the central railway station.
  • I can say Google how long of a drive to the nearest central railway station.
  • You will get the result with the live traffic with the help of Google Maps.

5 best google assistant tricks


  3) White noise machine

  • I use this feature whenever want to go in some fresh environment but I don’t have time to go.
  • I can ask Google to play certain white noises for me.
  • Eg. rain sound, relaxing sound, nature sound, water sound, etc

   4) Calculations & Conversions

  • We can use Google Home for calculation and conversion of numbers.
  • Also, we can do basic maths problem with the help of Google Home.


  5) Bluetooth speaker

  • You can use Google home to connect your device to play songs using Bluetooth.
  • You can connect any Bluetooth device like a smartphone, laptop or PC.
  • We have to just tell the name of the song Google mini will play that song for you.

So guys this are 5 best google assistant tricks which many peoples don’t know about It.

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