5 practical body language tricks | how to read anyone’s mind like an open book

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Hi guys, today’s special blog is all about 5 practical body language tricks to read people minds & their body language. 

By the end of this blog, you will understand how to know what someone thinks of you & how to read anyone instantly.

5 practical body language tricks


5 practical body language tricks

  1) Folding Your Arms

  • This is the one of the most important 5 practical body language tricks because this action is most common out of all.
  • This particular action you can use to kind of break down people’s like their dislikes their insecurities.
  • What they think about you what they think about what you just said.
  • You have also got keep in mind that there is a different situation where this kind of action takes place.
  • So there are 4 types of situation which I explained below.

  a) They are introverts

  • The first kind of situation where you will see people folding their arms if they are basically introvert.
  • This type of people like folding arms most of the time.
  • An introvert is someone who doesn’t like being around unknown people.
  • They don’t like social situations and talking to people.
  • If person character is just shy they will do this.

  b) Sudden arm folding

  • The second kind of situation is where people suddenly pop up their arms into a fold.
  • This might mean either they are insecure in front of you or in a certain environment or maybe they are feeling protective about themselves.
  • There are possibilities also that they are trying to hide something from you or hide something from the particular environment.
  • So if you see someone pops up their arms when they enter a room maybe they don’t like people in that room or they don’t like being in that room.

5 practical body language tricks

  c) Conversational

  • How you can read other people’s character their likes their dislikes.
  • So if someone begins the conversation with you by folding their arms.
  • Either they don’t like you they are little uncomfortable around you.
  • They are a little bit insecure about themselves around you or maybe they attract to you.
  • They kind of feeling a sense of protectiveness about themselves.

  d) Mid-Conversational

  • Suppose you are in conversation with someone and you say something and they fold their arms.
  • This is the where you can break down their likes dislikes in their character.
  • Suppose you said something that they don’t agree with then before their arms.
  • You have got to understand OK what I have said before this.
  • Whatever thing you have spoken about the topic that you have spoken about.
  • If they folded their arms after you have spoken about that topic.
  • Either they don’t want to talk about that topic or they don’t agree with the opinion you have expressed.

  2) Comfortable Vs Uncomfortable Body Language

Your Comfort or Your DIscomfort in a situation is kind of thrown out to the external world through your arms and your hands.

So obviously we spoke about Close Body Language like this. that’s uncomfortable body language.

   A) Open body language

  a) Arms to the side 

  • Open body language is all about your arms placed on the side.

  b) Not Folded (hands being comfortable)

  • You are not folding them and very importantly it’s also about your hands in a comfortable position.
  • Your fingers won’t be clenched up they won’t be fiddling.
  • They won’t be doing something that you are not doing in your natural state.
  • They are just gonna be placed comfortably on the side like this.

  c) Don’t become too stiff

  • Also, keep in mind in this whole attempt to make yourself look comfortable don’t become too stiff because that’s also Uncomfortable.

  d) Slight smile

  • The next aspect of Comfortable Body Language is a Slight Smile on your face.
  • If you are someone who doesn’t smile a lot but if you have what they call resting bitch face then that’s ok.

Don’t smile openly with your mouth.

  e) Positive Eye contact

  • Instead just maintain eye contact but very importantly maintain Positive Eye Contact.
  • Use the Lower muscles in my eyes which will help you to throw out your smile into the world.

5 practical body language tricks

  B) Breaking Eye contact 

Those are the basics of comfortable and uncomfortable body language but also remember this nothing says that I’m feeling uncomfortable like Breaking Eye Contact does.

So you have also got keep in mind just the way you looked at Folding arms as a Situational action even Closing your eyes or Breaking eye contact can be situational.

  a) Start off the conversation

If someone comes up to you and then you Break Eye Contact or you are not talking to them by staring directly into their eyes they probably know that you are feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

 b) Middle of the conversation

Similarly in middle of the conversation if you Break Eye Contact or if you Close your eyes for some time and hide from the external world that signifies a sense of discomfort & insecurity.

So have control over this Comfortable vs Uncomfortable body language tricks.

  3) The mouth region

In this, there are 2 types of situation.

!st one is cover the mouth & 2nd one is bite the lips both these means same kind of situation for you.

The situation is the person who is covering their mouths and biting their lips is hiding a taught by the person that they are having the conversation with.

So now this could be one of 3 things.

5 practical body language tricks

  a) Disagree with peoples

  • Firstly it could be that they disagree with what you are saying.
  • They don’t agree with the opinion that you have expressed & they are keeping their own opinion to themselves.

  b) Waiting to say something

  • It could mean that they are just waiting for that tone to say something in that conversation.
  • They are just being polite.

  c) Don’t want to offend you

  • In this condition, they are thinking that they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

  4) Spotting Lies

This is 2nd last and most important in the list of 5 practical body language tricks…

a) Subtle Smiles

  • When someone lies basically they are trying to convince you about reality that isn’t reality
  • So if they fill like they have gotten away with there life okay you have convinced that person is true then the mind kind of send a signal to the mouth to smile just a little bit.

  b) Long break of eye contact

  • There is one break of eye contact where the person who breaks the eye contact where the person who breaks the eye contact is probably just feeling uncomfortable with a situation.
  • If they break eye contact more than a second they probably lying.

5 practical body language tricks

  5) Handshakes & physical greeting

This is one of the last and most important in the list of 5 practical body language tricks…

  a) Palms facing upward

  • This means that either they are under confident in front of you they think that you are the more dominant person in that relationship.
  • It could mean that they are trying to say we can be good friends.

  b) Palms facing downward

  • It means they feel you are the less dominant one.
  • You are the submissive one.
  • They want to dominate you.
  • It also means they are just comfortable with you.

So guys this are the list of 5 practical body language tricks…

If you have any douts or suggestions in the list of 5 practical body language tricks comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…


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