5 Smartphone Myths in India you should know | shock when you read the 5th myth

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2019)

In India, there are almost 337 million Smartphone users are there by the end of 2018. If these many users are available in India there are so many people tells you how to use your smartphones. You have also heard technology myths from Indian society. So guys, Today I will tell you 5 Smartphone Myths in India read till the end you will shock when you read the 5th myth of smartphones.

5 Smartphone Myths technology myths

5 Smartphone Myths in India – technology myths

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  • A battery is the most important thing in the smartphone.
  • This was the reason there are so many Indian technology myths
  • So many people say that your smartphone will damage if you charge your smartphone whole night.
  • This is right for the older generation phones. But if you say this for today’s generation smartphone it will be wrong.
  • nowadays smartphones batteries have also become smart.
  • It will stop electricity when you’re smartphone battery is 100% charged.
  • If there is some damage is IC’s of smartphone charger then only overcharge will affect your smartphone.

  2) Charge your smartphone when a battery is fully discharged

  • You may also hear that so many people say you should charge your smartphone when its battery is fully discharged. If you did this your battery life will increase.
  • My point of view about this is we should charge your mobile anytime.
  • Even you should not totally discharge your smartphone.
  • The ideal charging cycle is almost 20 to 30%.

  3) charge your smartphone with the main company charger

  • So many people say you should charge your mobile with original charger only.
  • This myth also promoted by so many smartphone companies only for marketing purpose.
  • Truth is any charger which is made by the manufactures specifications is secure for use.
  • If you use a duplicate charger or USB cable it will be dangerous.
  • With different charger, there is a difference in charging time of smartphones but it will not affect your battery life.

  4) High the megapixels better the camera

  • this is the 2nd last popular myths of the list of 5 Smartphone Myths in India.
  • The real truth is image quality does not only depend on megapixels.
  • Megapixels help to increase camera resolution & zooming capacity of a camera.

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  • Image quality also depends on aperture size, sensor size & algorithm of a smartphone camera.
  • In easy word more the megapixels helps to print your image is big sheets of paper.
  • This is the reason Apple has camera quality better than other smartphones.

  5) if you use a smartphone near a petrol pump it can cause the fire 

  • This is the last and most shocking myth of this list of 5 Smartphone Myths in India
  • One of the foremost general myth of using mobile phones at fuel bunks creates a danger.

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  • Well, the factor is that almost all people think that mobile phones emit an electromagnetic wave which eventually creates a spark at the fuel pumps.
  • However, the actual fact is that the amount of radiation that emits is in a very bit.
  • The radiation won’t be doing any damage to fuel pumps thus there’s no explosion of fireside at pumps.

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  • The only reason for making a spark with the help of mobile phones is because of the battery.
  • If a battery is flawed and this case is additionally terribly rare.
  • There is little quantity of risk during this case.

So guys this are the 5 Smartphone Myths!!!

This are the few technology myths.

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