5 Ways to Find Trending Blog Topics [2021 Update] 1

5 Ways to Find Trending Blog Topics [2021 Update]

Do you always struggle to pick the best topic to write for your next blog article? If you answered yes to the last question, You have come to the right place. When I was at your stage, this was one of the difficult tasks for me to choose a trending blog topic for my website. In this blog, I will share 5 Ways to Find Trending Blog Topics that will help you take your blog strategies to the next level.

5 Ways to Find Trending Blog Topics [2021 Update] 2

5 Ways to Find Trending Blog Topics

1) Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool to find what people are searching for on Google. This tool helps to explore what is trending globally or what is hot in your country. Google Trends shows up to 25 hot searches simultaneously.

The good thing about Google Trends is that it is based directly on search data and its content is much more solidified than that of its competitors like Twitter. What’s more, you can visualize user behavior over time. This information is helpful when deciding on which keywords would bring you the most success.

2) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another favorite of our digital marketing course instructors. It is a freemium research tool that includes a trending topics dashboard. The starting price for the tool is $99/month. Users are also able to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

The tool is worth trying and adds value to a business’s content marketing and backlinks strategies. It enables users to see trending topics from sports, entertainment, tech, and other common industries. It also allows users to add their topics to see the trending topics within that feed. Moreover, it displays a list of the most shared links and key influencers for any given website.

When you search for trending or hot topics for your blog make sure that it is relevant to your industry. Located in Toronto, Canada but servicing students globally, Digital Marketing Academy of Canada offers online courses that help you create engaging posts and gain social media skills in the social media marketing industry.

3) Twitter Trends

Twitter is a microblogging social networking platform that provides worldwide trends specific to your country. Twitter trends are generated automatically by an algorithm that helps people discover what is new in real-time. The trend list shows the hottest and emerging topics around the world.
Our digital marketing course instructors find the Twitter Trends feature to be very helpful. It enables businesses to identify hashtags and conversations that are popular and allows them to easily join in on a pertinent basis. What’s more, it identifies problems that regular consumers face and offers businesses an opportunity to solve those problems.

4) Linkedin Plus

Another cool place to find trending content in your industry is Medium. Medium is a free-to-use content publishing platform. It’s a great community for finding some truly remarkable content pieces. You can use category search on the platform to search for some popular blog posts and pick those that you wish to write about. You can log in and create your free account and use Medium on your desktop or download its mobile app. You can follow individuals and categories on the platform. Once you do, you will see latest stories from them in your feed. Another section that’s worth checking out is “Popular on Medium”.

5) Exploding Topics

The Exploding Topics tool is one of our digital marketing course instructors’ favorites. It is a relatively new tool, developed by Brian Dean and Josh Howarth of Backlinko. It aims to provide content marketers with topics that are either trending or about to become popular. The data is filtered by category (e.g., beauty and business). What’s more, the tool affords users the ability to see information for up to 15 years ago.

What’s unique about this tool is that it saves marketers time. You don’t need to spend hours trying to find random keywords on Google Trends or sort through nonsense posts on Reddit and Quora to find one topic that is worthy of your blog post. Exploding Topics classifies searches under 3 categories:

• Exploding: Topics that are trending at the present moment.
• Regular: Topics that are gaining traction slowly over time.
• Peaked: Topics that were trending in the past, but are now declining in popularity.

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