6 Awesome Google Patents – Future is Amazing 😳😳😳

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

Hello guys, Today I am going to discuss something which about over Future generation. Technology is growing very fast. We all know that Google is known as the best company all over the world. But guys, Do u know that there is something which Google had already planned for the Future generation?… Today we are discussing 6 Awesome Google Patents which Google submitted and he will launch very soon these unique products…

6 Awesome Google Patents

6 Awesome Google Patents

 1) Floating Data Center

  • We all guys know that Google have so many data centers. For processing of all these data center, Google needs so much amount of electricity.
  • So Google planned to make floating centers, wherever it could be high-powered by wave energy.

Awesome Google Patents

  • This data center float inside the sea, waves which collide to this data center they will transform this energy into electricity.
  • there is also one more benefit that data center have lost so much amount of heat energy so we require extra energy to cool them. If they are in water we didn’t require extra energy to cool them.


 2) Smart Sensors For Advertisements

  • We all know that Google also provides advertisement he became a mediator for advertisement of products.
  • Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.
  • When a visitor clicks on a display ad on a member websitesome of the revenue is paid to the site owner whereasGoogle keeps a part of the fee.
  • Revenue of Google from Google AdSense advertising made up 23 % of overall revenue of the company.

Awesome Google Patents

  • This Smart sensor provides is basically help Google to provide proper ads to the viewer.
  • These sensors are connected inside your mobile.
  • It will pull the data (like a weather forecast) and it will show relevant ads.
  • So guys, I think after this patent comes in market we started love ads.

Awesome Google Patents

  3) Tatto Microphone- one of the most Awesome Google Patents

  • This is something interesting thing guys this patent is “TATTOO MICROPHONE”.
  • Guys these tattoos are not simple there is something different about it.

6 Awesome Google Patents - Future is Amazing 😳😳😳 1

  • In this, we have to get made a tattoo near your neck, this tattoo is a completely connecting circuit.
  • It will work as a microphone it will catch everthing which we said very clearly and then it will transfer data to nearby devices.
  • Apart from this, it will glow when we talk & it will also work as a lie detector.
  • It means all the things are done by the small tattoo which is really Awesome Google Patents.

Awesome Google Patents

  4) Projection Keyboard

  • I think guys you were saw so many pics of Projection Keyboard. Here Google is also came up device like this.
  • First google tells us that it will add on in Google Glass.  But we always have keyboard where we have to type properly
  • So Google decide to make keyboad which can project using Google glasses on any smooth surface.

6 Awesome Google Patents - Future is Amazing 😳😳😳 2

  5) Pay per Gaze Advertisements

  • whenever we come on youtube or any other websites we came across so many advertisements.
  • Sometimes we saw them carefully sometimes we just ignore them. Still, Google have to pay them all amount.
  • so google decide to make new criteria which is “Pay Per Gaze“.

Awesome Google Patents

  • In this, there are some special devices which control your camera.
  • It will track your face so it will come to know that with how much concentration you saw this advertisement.
  • This is just because Google wants all the ads to reach towards you properly.

Awesome Google Patents

   6) Heart Symbol For Input

  • Guys this was amazing technology. This patent is all about symbol of the heart.Google has your heart and hands in its clutches.

Awesome Google Patents

  • It will work when you were wearing the small devices  (mainly Google Glass). You were traveling all around the world. You will saw so many things, peoples.
  • If you make a heart symbol with your hands so that devise instantly create picture of that thing and save in your gallery, also It can post on your social media profiles.


Do you have a favorite Google patent from this list? Have we missed one that you think? Let us know in the comments below.





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