6 Practical Job Interview Hacks That Give You the Edge Every Time

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2019)

The job interview is probably the most important event in your career. If you want the job that you are aiming for & you are nervous about the job interview. This is your ultimate job interview guide. I am gonna teach you 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks you need to carry in the interview.

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6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

  Rule no. 1: Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid of it just like any other life scale.

If it is a job interview in normal every day like a company you gonna dress formals.

  Tip no. 1: Formal Dressing

  • You have to always match your color of the shoes to the color of the belt.
  • If you are wearing light brown shoes and dark brown pants that still ok.
  • You should wear a black belt with black matching shoes.
  • In a formal dressing shirt especially 3 colors are only allowed. white, Pink & light blue
  • If you are interviewing for a slightly more younger company then you can break some of the formal dressing rules.
  • You can wear a semi-formal dressing.

  • I still suggest for a job interview always wear formal dressing.


  Tip no. 2: Male Grooming

  • 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks That Give You the Edge Every Time 1You should look fresh & clean.
  • Make sure you don’t look like you are not sleep for an entire night.
  • A lot of people believe that using hair products makes you look slightly more professional.
  • That’s true to some extent but I do believe if you are interviewing a slightly older company you shouldn’t use hair products.
  • It gives out the vibe that you are more consult about your looks than anything else.
  • Especially people who are an interviewer in this type of companies they are not looking for glamorous employes. They are looking for organized, mature employes.
  • You allow having slightly long hair. Your Sidelock should not be overgrown. It should be sticking to the side of the face.
  • If you are applying for a job & you are really really serious about getting that job always go with a clean shave.


  Tip no. 3: Accessories

This is the 3rd point of the list of 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

6 Practical Job Interview Hacks That Give You the Edge Every Time 26 Practical Job Interview Hacks That Give You the Edge Every Time 3

  • The metallic watch will be the best accessory for a job interview.
  • In a job interview, you have to always show that you are an organized professional person. & the best way of saying that is through your accessories.
  • One thing you have to avoid is a lot of metal rings.


  Tip no. 4: Odours

This is the 4th point of the list of 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

  • Make sure you brush before your interview.
  • I always believe that you should smell great for an interview.
  • People will note how you smell more than how you look.
  • You should always smell very manly for these job interviews. Use Deo which having a very sharp smell.

Ok!!! That covers the style and grooming aspect of a job interview but now we are talking about the more important side of things.

  Tip no. 5: Mental Aspect

This is the 2nd last point of the list of 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

  1. Technical Fitness

  • For any job interview, people are usually gone ask you questions based on the industry that you are interviewing to become a part.
  • So if you are studying for an engineering job interview make sure you know every aspect of engineering requires for that job.
  • Educate yourself about what the company does & where your role in that company.
  • You need to be fit enough to kind of give that job interview.

2) CLarity is more important than language

  • If you don’t know the answer to any question just be honest.
  • Being technically fit enough to fit enough to be able to select for that particular job interview.
  • Interviewers not looking for your English or your language skills they’re looking for clarity of thought.
  • Don’t underconfident about your language.
  • Don’t worry about I may not be able to say the sentence correctly. Worry about how clear your thoughts.
  • Today’s day lot of interviewers will be alright with you give an interview in Hindi.

 3) Complete your sentences

  • Never be that person who stops midway through a sentence.
  • That shows a serious lack of confidence.
  • Don’t start saying a sentence & then midway through the sentence go oh what am I saying oh I’m sorry sir.
  • If you start her sentence completed that what people want to see in job interviews.

Always be confident!!!

6 Practical Job Interview Hacks

  Tip no. 6: Body Language

This is the last point of the list of 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks & this is most important. I have 3 easy rules which will help you to use your body language in job interviews.

  1) No closed body language

  • No folding of your arms, fiddling with your finger.
  • you should have open strong body language.

  2) Bring positivity

  • When you walk into a room bring positivity into that room have a smile.
  • You should have a polite, friendly & fresh smile.

3) Use your hands to explain

  • use your hands when you are explaining something.

So guys this are 6 Practical Job Interview Hacks which will help you to crack any job interview.

If you have any douts or suggestion comment down below.

Happy vootpooling…

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