8 Technology Myths Stop Believing | Truth of technology you should know

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2019)

You must have heard various myths about technology but are they actually true? As it turns out, most tech myths aren’t true at all. Well, in this blog, I bust all the tech myths. I will show you  8 Technology Myths Stop Believing which help you to upgrade to future technology.

 8 Technology Myths Stop Believing

8 Technology Myths Stop Believing

  1) Torrents are illegal

  • Torrents we call use them.
  • I am sure you all see the messages on various websites that say that URL has been Blocked by orders of authority.
  • But does that mean that torrents are illegal?
  • Actually No, Torrent is a simpler method of peer to peer file sharing which is exactly what that Wifi direct feature on your Android Smartphone.

8 Technology Myths Stop Believing

  • As long as you are not downloading any copyrighted file from the torrent you are not doing any illegal work.

   2) Bitcoin is illegal

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency which confuses a lot of people. & there is a lot of discussion going on its legality.
  • We can not say really anything about the overall legality of Bitcoin because every country takes a different approach to it.

8 Technology Myths Stop Believing

  • However, in most countries, this Bitcoin is legal. Even in India Bitcoin is legal.

  3) Free service (are actually free)

  • Remember when you created your Facebook account its homepage says that it is free & its always will be free. That’s not true at all.
  • Nothing is free in this world. Websites like Facebook & services like Gmail & youtube but it’s not really true.
  • This websites & services display ads & earn revenue from them.
  • They may not be charged with your credit card but they surely charge with your personal life.
  • Click below link to know which personal information is used by facebook from you.
  • https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences

  4) Refreshing windows (make it faster)


8 Technology Myths Stop Believing

  • Everyone thinks that if we refresh our pc it works faster. This is not true at all.


  • Refresh will help to reflect the change in explorer.


  • The Refresh button in Windows has only one job that is to refresh the current Windows Explorer window.


  • Sometimes when you make changes to the desktop icons and the change doesn’t get reflected instantly, you have to refresh the desktop.


  5) Jailbreaking is illegal

  • A lot of people keep away there iPhone from Jailbreaking because they think it is illegal.
  • Jailbreaking is perfectly legal however if you use jailbreaking to download copyright content then its illegal.
  • Rooting is also the same as jailbreaking. 
  • Watch below video to know more in detail.


  6) Never leave the battery plugged in overnight

  • An old smartphone has this problem that it is dangerous to overcharge phone.
  • Modern generation smartphones have the ability that as soon as the battery reaches their maximum capacity this smartphone is stopped charging the battery & use a connected adapter as its main power supply.
  • No extra power transfer through the battery and your phone is 100% safe.


  7) More Megapixels means a better camera

  • When it comes to buying a smartphone mostly people judge the camera by its megapixels.
  • It is not exactly incorrect   The problem is that Megapixel is the only thing which plays role in camera.


  8) More bars means better service

  • This is the last myths of this list of 8 Technology Myths Stop Believing.
  • Everyone thinks that if you have more bars you will get a good signal.
  • But it is not true at all.
  • Sometimes you also were notified that if you have full signal still you can’t take calls.

so, guys, this is the 8 Technology Myths Stop Believing…

If you have any doubts comment down below…

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