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How To apply google webmaster On Your WordPress Website

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2020)

Hello guy’s!!! Today I have something very special for all the bloggers who wish to rank on Google search engine. Do u know guys that Google always want to provide better service to their users due to this reason Google also helps you to rank on the search engine. Google has generated new software Google Webmaster which will help you to rank on Google search engine. Today, I will tell you what is the benifits of using Google Webmaster and I will also guide you how to apply google webmaster on your WordPress Website.

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Apply Google Webmaster

what is Google Webmaster?

  • Google Webmaster is a tool used by Google to communicate with Websites. Identify there issues and solve there problems.
  • It will also helps you to find malwares in your website.
  • Google Webmaster have Google search cansole tool which will help you index your website data on Google search result.
  • Search Console is a free web service by Google webmaster.
  • May 20, 2015, Google started Google Webmaster Tool as Google Search Console.

Apply Google Webmaster

Advantages of Apply Google webmaster on your wordpress Website

  • It offer configuration control for your website also variety of visitor metrics.
  • you can add unlimited property different versions of your website free.
  • It’s accuracy is more than a 90%.
  • Use Google Webmaster in your mobile.
  • We can manage pages of the website currently included in Google’s index.
  • Get information of frequently used keywords found on your website.
  • We can remove indexed url from Google index.
  • Findout errors that Google spiders discovere during the crawling of your website.
  • By submitting sitemaps  you can help google spiders crawling of your website.
  • We can list internal and external pages that link to the site.

Step By Step guid How To Apply Google Webmaster On your wordpress Website

1st step: Visit official website of Google webmaster.

2nd step : click on search cansole.

Apply Google Webmaster

3rd step:  sign in with your Google account.

4th step: enter link of your website click on add property.

Apply Google Webmaster

Step 5: In this step you have to verify your website.

  • there are so many steps for the verification.
  • I prefer google analytics method of verification. for this method 1st you have to connect your website with Google analytics.
  • click here to step by step guidance to apply for Google analytics.
  • recommended method

Apply Google Webmaster

  • alternative method

Apply Google Webmaster6th step :   In this step you have to generate sitemap of your website and submit it to your webmaster account.


Guys watch video carefully…

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So guys I think this was helpful for you all

If you have any douts comment below so I help It out.

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