JAVA Programming Language

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

Introduction Of JAVA Programming Language


JAVA Programming Language

JAVA Programming Language platform freelance. It is an easy and powerful object-oriented Programming Language.

JAVA is often run on any operating system because of the interpreter accessible on it system.

It is one in every of the foremost vital Programming language in today’s IT industries.

JAVA everything is Associate in Nursing Object. JAVA is often simply distended since it’s supported the thing model.

JAVA is a simplest Programming Language because It does not have complex features pointers, operator overloading & memory allocation.

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By using JAVA Programming Language we can create distributed applications. In simple language, it can be distributed one & more than one system which is connected to the Internet.


History Of JAVA Programming Language


JAVA Programming Language

  • JAVA is a Programming Language created by James Gosling in 1991 from Sun Microsystem.
  • The first version publically available of JAVA Programming Language in 1991.
  • The current version of JAVA is JAVA 8.

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  • This Language is defined by a specification and consists of a Programming language, a compiler, core libraries.
  • The JAVA syntax is similar to C Language. Java is case-sensitive, e.g., variables called myNamemyname are treated as different variables.


Use Of JAVA Programming Language

  • Earlier java was only used to style and program tiny computing devices however later adopted together of the platform freelance artificial language and currently per Sun, three billion devices run Java.
  • Java is one of the foremost necessary Programming Language in today’s IT industries.

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  1. JSP – Java is employed to make internet applications like PHP and ASP, JSP(Java Server Pages) used with traditional HTML tags, that helps to make dynamic websites.
  2. Applets – this is often another kind of Java program that used inside an online page to feature several new options to an online browser.
  3. J2EE – The package Java a pair of Enterprise Edition are employed by varied firms to transfer information supported XML structured documents between each other.
  4. JavaBeans – this is often one thing like Visual Basic, a reusable package part which will be simply assembled to make some new and advanced application.

JAVA Programming Language 1

JAVA Programming Language 25. Mobile – Besides the higher than technology, Java is additionally employed in mobile devices, several reasonably games and services inherent Java. Today, all leading mobile service supplier like Nokia, Siemens, Vodafone ar victimisation Java.

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