4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks which will blow your mind…

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2019)

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the world, after Google and FacebookYouTube is the most popular websites in the world that has a large assortment of videos. People visit YouTube so as to watch videos for entertainment, tutorials and plenty of additional. YouTube is localized website that is employed in several countries and is available in additional than sixty languages. Todays I am here to tell you 4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks which will blow your mind…

4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks

4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks

  1) YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows

  • There are some short keys we have on YouTube.
  • This shortcuts will simplify your experience.

4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks

  1. Left arrow – Go back 5 sec.
  2. Right arrow – Go forward 5 sec.
  3. j – Go back 10 sec.
  4. l – Go forward 10 sec.
  5. k or Spacebar – Toggle play/pause the video
  6. f – Full-Screen mode
  7. 0 – Restart the video
  8. Up arrow – Increase volume by 5%
  9. Down arrow – Decrease volume by 5%
  10. m – mute/unmute video
  11. c –  turn caption on/off
  12. Shift+p – Move to the previous video in a playlist       
  13. Shift+n – Move to the next video in a playlist 
  14. Shift+< – Decrease speed
  15. Shift+> – Increase speed
  16. Escape – Exit Full-Screen mode   
  17. Home – Go to beginning of video
  18. End – Go to end of video.


  2) Repeat video without mouse click or without any button

  • This is one of the most mysterious secret in this Top 9 Awesome Youtube Secrets list.
  • If you are watching any video and you have to repeat that video.
  • go to the link edit it write repeat in between youtube and .com then press enter.
  • Now you will go to another website. Where video will repeat itself.
  • watch below video so you will come to know easily.


  3) Create Your own GIF using YouTube Videos

  • GIF is basically animated image. By using this trick you can make GIF  of any video clip.
  • Open the video. Go to the link bar and write GIF before youtube & press enter.
  • You will go to another website where you can make GIF of that video.
  • Watch below video…


  4) Download any YouTube video

  • guys, I know this is something very much interesting.
  • I think you can download any video on youtube in just a few steps.
  • Open video which you want to download.
  • Go to sidebar and type ss before youtube & press enter.
  • You will go to another website there you can save that video in one click.
  • watch below video so It will clear you easily.


So guys this are 4 Awesome YouTube Secret Tricks

I Hope this all tricks are helpful for you…

If you have any dout or If you have any additional YouTube trick comment below…

Happy Vootpooling…


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