Easiest way to create QR Code | what is the need of QR Code | QR code scanner app

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2019)

Today I am here which an interesting topic “QR Code“. Nowadays there is an increase in the use of QR technology in our surrounding. In this post, I will tell you why we need to use QR Code?. I will also teach you Easiest way to create QR Code of your own and give you download link for QR code scanner app.

Easiest way to create QR Code | what is the need of QR Code | QR code scanner app

What is QR Code?

  • A QR code is the advance technology barcode.
  • The main difference between barcode and QR code is in barcode we can only store alphanumerical. but in QR code we can store anything.
  • Watch below video to know more about Barcode.
  • Full form of QR code is Quick Response (they can be read quickly by smartphone cameras, scanners)
  • A QR code is the 2D type of encoding technique. In this QR code, large amount of data is stored.
  • This information can be ready only when we scan this QR code with QR code scanner.

why we need of QR Code??

  • The main use of QR code is it will create the shortcut for all kind of information.
  • Once you have QR reader app on your smartphone. You can point your camera at this code & immediately grab the information from it.
  • QR code helps to ease the work in today’s generation. You don’t have to type anything you have to just scan that QR code.

Click here to QR code scanner app free download

Their are some smartphone which has inbuilt QR code scanner application.

Google Assistant can detect QR code.

Simply long press on the Home icon or say “OK, Google,”

Tap the Google Lens icon at the bottom right.

If there no on QR app inbuild app you can download an app for Android from the above link.

The easiest way to create QR Code

click below link to open the website which helps you to create your own QR code.

Click here to create your own QR Code

Watch below video to know how to create your own QR code.

So guys this is the Easiest way to create QR Code.

If you have any douts or suggestions comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…

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