infolink adsense Company & Step By Step Guide To Apply Infolink Ads On WordPress

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

Hello guys, Today I am going to talk about Infolink Adsense Company. This post is specially for Bloggers. In this post, I will tell about overall Infolink Adsense Company and also how to apply on your WordPress website.

If you are a blogger that is struggling to make money from blog, I will advise you to read this review to the end!

If you are not a blogger and want to become so contact me I will guide you from basics.

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Introduction Of Infolink Adsense Company

Infolink Adsense

  • Infolink Adsense Company is Adsense agency like Google Adsense and Bidvertiser which will provides Ads to websites.
  • Infolinks is one of the most leading CTR Advertisement program for the publishers which provides ads to your website.

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  • Infolink Adsense Company is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers
  • It takes less than a minute to integrate Infolinks on a publisher’s site.

Advantages of applying for Infolink Adsense 

Infolink Adsense

  1. The Infolinks codes is working in all type of web platform (Blogger, WordPress etc.,)
  2. Infolink Adsense Company providing Paypal payment service. If you added your bank account to your PayPal you will get money directly by using the auto withdrawal feature which is available in Paypal.
  3. Infolink Adsense Company is offering 70% revenue to their publishers, which is very high compare than other companies.
  4. Infolink is In-Text Ads so it doesn’t require any space on your website. It loads very fast compare than other publishers program.
  5. They will provide the following features (Tag Cloud, Search widget, Related Tags, etc.) to their publishers.By using these features publishers can increase their revenue.
  6. If your Website/blog have good articles you will get Infolinks approval within a day.
  7. After inserting Infolinks code in your website from the dashboard of your account, you’ll be able to change colors of In-Text Ads, and you’ll be able to control how many In-text Ads you wish to put on your website.
  8. Fast & straightforward E-mail Support: Infolinks providing quick client support to their advertisers through e-mail.

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Here I added the procedure how to Join Infolink Adsense program and how to Integrate the coding into your WordPress website.

Steps how to Apply for Infolink Adsense program

Step 1: Apply for ads for your website click here.


Step 2: Create your account

When you click on click here new tab will open as shown in below image. Enter URL of your website and use your Facebook ID or email id to login. (I prefer email id)

Infolink Adsense

After signup, you will get approval mail from Infolinks within 24 hours.

Infolink Adsense

After this go to your Infolinks and integrate the coding by going to the integration option.

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How to apply on your WordPress website

Step 1: Open WordPress account of your website. Click on Plugin and select add new Plugin.

Infolink Adsense

Step no. 2: Click on search box and type “Infolink”

Infolink Adsense

Step 3: Below there is image of this plugin first install & then activate this plugin.

Infolink Adsense

Step 4: after activating plugin go to settings & select Infolink settings

Infolink Adsense

5th Step: After that type your Publisher ID.

( Publisher ID you will get in account of Infolink)

Infolink Adsense

After this automatically all the ads will display on your website you can control your settings ads from Infolink account.

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If you have any doubts comment it so I can clear your doubts.


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