Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing good. How to choose a Best Web Hosting for your Website is most important task as a beginner. Here learn about the Different Types Of Hosting and Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website.

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Finding best Web Hosting according to your website is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into account. An important factor to be considered is to select the best web hosting company? If you don’t know much about which are the best web hosting companies I suggest click on the link below

Even if you have gone through this list of Top 10 best web hosting companies, you still stuck with questions as to which Types Of Hosting is right for your website. Read this blog till the end, and you will get all the answers of your questions related to Different Types Of Hosting…

Different Types Of Hosting | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

1) Shared Web Hosting

If you are new in this industry of digital marketing and blogging. You had a question in your mind which will the best web hosting for your website? I will suggest you Shared Web Hosting will be the best.

In the Shared Web Hosting website, the physical server of your website will be shared with other websites. This web hosting will help you to start your career because this type of hosting is low-cost and highly effective.

Shared Web Hosting allows multiple number of websites to used in one server. You will never get any idea which are the websites you are sharing the server with. Every website owner will have their total limit on the total amount of server resources which they can use, but this will depend on the website hosting package.

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting is one of the cheapest Web Hosting options among all other types of hosting. The minimum Price of hosting will be $2.99 and maximum cost up to $9.99. 

Most of the Web Hosting companies have different packages of shared hosting available, so you can upgrade your hosting package. This will makes Shared Web Hosting a great place to start in this industry.

Shared Web Hosting comes with a built-in cPanel, that makes it easy to manage your website.

If you had Shared web hosting then you don’t need technical maintenance to be done on your end to the Website server, as this is usually included in part of your Website hosting package.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting sounds like a pretty good website hosting because it is affordable, has a very good uptime & it is easy to manage your Website Hosting. But it also has some disadvantages.

The load time on the website can be a lot slower than Dedicated Website Hosting.

The server can be become overburdened by other websites which are sharing the same website server.

When your website begins to receive very high levels of traffic, your website performance will decrease.

You never quite know with whom your website is shared in the server. Although it is very rare, other websites on the server can create a risk to your website.

There is a lack of customization options in the Shared Web Hosting to truly get the high level of performance from your website.

Here is a list of some best Shared Web Hosting… Check the below link for more details.

2) Dedicated server website Hosting

If you are an experienced person in the Digital Marketing and Blogging industry & your website is having high traffic. You might have a question in your mind which will the best web hosting for your website? I will suggest you Dedicate Server Website Hosting.

Dedicated Server Website Hosting gives the site owner all the controls over the Website Hosting server. That’s because the server is exclusively purchased by the website owner and your website is the only one stored on Dedicated Server Website Hosting. This means that you have full root and admin access to your server, so you had access to control everything from security to the operating system that you run for your website. However, all that website control in Dedicate Server Website Hosting comes with a high price rate.

Cost of the Dedicated server website Hosting is the most expensive web hosting option. Typically, they are used by  only website owners with very high levels of website traffic, and those websites that requires complete control of their hosting servers.

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Advantages of Dedicated Server Website Hosting

a) Dedicated Server Website Hosting Is More Efficient In Terms Of Overall Website Performance

In Shared Website Hosting, your website performance also depends on the performance of the other websites which is hosted on the same website server. If any of your sites which is having the same server will become popular all of a sudden and it started generating a very high amount of website traffic, it will indirectly affect the performance of your website.

For eg., it will slow down the speed of your website. This will be highly frustrating for your audience and which in turn, will have a very negative impact on the organic growth of the website.

In Dedicated Server Website Hosting, this problem will never arise as you do not have to share your server with any other website.

b) You Will Get Total Control Over the Website Hosting Server

If you had Dedicated Server Website Hosting, you are paying for the entire server, due to which you will have total control of your website hosting server. You can install any 3rd party software or application on your server. You can also customize the website hosting server as per your requirement and you can have whatever features you want on your website.

c) Dedicated Server Website Hosting Provides very High Security

In Dedicated Server Website Hosting, there is no chance of any security issues from other websites because there is only your website in a single server. In addition to security, you can also take security measures as per your requirements.

d) There Is Usually Better Customer Support

Due to Dedicated Servers, most of the website hosting service providers provide very good customer support, often in 24 x 7. This is a feature of Dedicated Hosted Website because if you are spending so much amount money to have your own server, it means it is important that your website cannot afford to face any problems.

Disadvantages Of Dedicated Server Website Hosting

a) Dedicated Server Website Hosting Is Very Expensive

The entire server with all its resources is dedicated to your website & you don’t have to share your resources with any other site. Dedicated Hosting plans are expensive. It is not economical for start-ups and beginners.

b) Dedicated Server Website Hosting Needs Technical Knowledge

Operating a Dedicated Server also needs the necessary technical knowledge. This is not the case with Shared Website Hosting. In Shared Server Website Hosting, the service provider takes care of all these things. You also don’t have to worry about the administration and management setting off the server. 

I hope you have to understand what is Dedicated Hosting?, what are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Website Hosting

Here are some good Dedicated Server Website Hosting

3) Cloud Website Hosting

If you want to build your server through cloud service and you want to host multiple sites on a single server. You had a question in your mind which will the best web hosting for your website? A Cloud Website Hosting will be the best option.

Cloud Website Hosting is one of the latest technology available the web hosting industry. In cloud website hosting,  there are many  computers working together, using a  single resource. It the Website Hosting solution which can work through a cloud network.

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Advantages Of Cloud Website Hosting

a) Good and high uptime service availability

Almost all the cloud website hosting service providers promise up time rates of up to 99.9% which is the maximum for any website hosting. These high uptime rates are not impossible considering that cloud hosting is specially designed to be “self-healing website hosting”. Cloud Website Hosting creates many servers which can automatically get connected to each other.

b) High performance than other Different Types Of Hosting

Cloud Website Hosting will surely deliver the best performance because it involves the use of more than one cloud  server which are working as one main server to provide the high resources needed by any website. There is resource pooling involved in the cloud web hosting to make sure that so many resources are directed to where there is more need. Cloud website hosting also typically implements balancing of load all across many servers to make sure that it has enough amount of  resources available whenever needed.

c) High Scalability and flexibility

The main reason why so many people go for Cloud Website Hosting is for enhanced technical flexibility. Leading service providers in website hosting to make it within their main priority to stream their cloud website hosting server scaling a process as much as possible, as it allow clients to respond to varying demand. 

d) Rapid amount of deployment

Cloud website hosting makes it possible to quickly migrate any website from the server. There are many cloud website hosting companies that are  enabled for rapid deployment.

e) Backup and recovery 

In cloud  website hosting, recovery of data is not likely going to be very difficult as a backup of data is automatically generated in the cloud. Extra data storage guarantees that they may have the possibility of losing your data.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Website Hosting

One of the few significant things that may make site owners hesitate to switch to the cloud is the price of the website hosting.

Cloud website hosting is generally very expensive as compared to most other website hosting solutions. It is cheaper than obtaining and maintaining your own server equipment’s but it is a different story when you compared to other types of website hosting such as shared website hosting, dedicated website hosting, and VPS website hosting.

There are security risks in cloud website hosting computing. Unless you have chosen a best cloud server hosting provider, there are always threats of hacking, privacy breaches, and cyber-attacks that you cannot underestimate.

Not all cloud website hosting providers can guarantee you to adequate protection, especially those who will accept all kinds of customers. These customers, who essentially sharing the same cloud resources with you as well as other customers too, may not have sufficient security measures in one place. They can become instrumental. 

Additionally, for those who are new to cloud website hosting, the lack of familiarity and knowledge with the interface, functions, and technologies maybe contribute to the failure in implementing the right security measures for cloud website hosting.

4) VPS Website Hosting

VPS Website Hosting stands for “Virtual Private Server Website Hosting”. VPS Website Hosting type is one step above the shared website hosting. When a website is outgrowing its shared website hosting plan, and you had a question in your mind which will be the best web hosting for your website? I would suggest you to upgrade to a VPS website hosting service.

In a virtual private server website hosting, your website will still be sharing a single server with other websites. But, the number of websites you will be sharing it with is significantly low.

Different Types Of Hosting Explained | Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Advantages Of VPS Website Hosting

VPS Website hosting account is less expensive than a full Dedicated Website Hosting plan which uses a physical Website hosting server.

There are so many VPS plans that can be customized to create all of your needs so you only pay for what you need.

There are so many VPS hosting plans which are easily scale-able. You can start your virtual environment with a very small amount of resources you need and then as you grow gradually increase your website hosting plan to accommodate all of your needs very easily. You do not have to pay for extra resources. 

You have so many more controls over your Virtual Private server website hosting  than you do with shared website hosting. You will most likely have root access and you can also have the ability to use scripts which is not allowed in the shared website hosting. 

Disadvantages Of VPS Website Hosting

VPS Website Hosting, is a one of the very good ways to have the services but without the cost associated. However, there are many more potential issues that may occur with VPS website hosting. The main disadvantage from a financial stand of point is that it is very expensive as compared to shared website hosting. For sites that do not need a dedicated hosting service, the cost may be restricted.

Some of the web hosting companies offer VPS hosting but do not allocate the resources. This may also cause some problems down the line if a particular site uses its resources at its maximum levels.

There are a few issues you may encounter if the host will not handle VPS correctly but if they do and you can afford the slightly higher price, it is a great option in all Different Types Of Hosting.

Final Conclusion

I hope now you have good information about all the main types of website hosting. If you ask my opinion about the best type of hosting, I would recommend you to choose it according to your requirements. You have to choose the best website hosting for your website according to your plan.

If you still find it difficult, you can book a 3o minute free consultation with me so I can help you out to Find Best Web Hosting For Your Website.


So guys, this was all about Different Types Of Hosting 

If you had any doubts or suggestions, you can comment down below…