Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Introduction Placements & Scope

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

Hello guys!!! I know guys that you all are frustrated because this is an Exam season. In this season the most unlucky person is an engineer. you all know guys that there are so many branches of Engineering. So guys today we will discuss there is a modern most popular branch of engineering which is known as Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering"

I know guys that all engineers are studying very hard. Do you know guys that what is the scope and future of this hardwork? today I will tell you all about like future of all Electronics & Telecommunication (EXTC) Engineering” Students.

Introduction of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  • The Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department was established in 1999 and also the initial batch of students graduated from here in 2003.
  • Today EXTC Engineering department is rated as to one among the leading departments among other colleges of the university.
  • EXTC Engineering is one of the largest and most sophisticated branches of engineering

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  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is a study of various theories and practical aspects related to the designing various communication equipment.
  • These Engineers can develop prototypes of integrated circuit components.
  • It deals with the transmission of information from a channel such as an optical fiber or free space.


  • Engineers also work on cross-functional engineering branch projects to utilize the facets of electronics and communication engineering.
  • They also work on improving the functionality and technology of communication devices and servers.
  • Graduates/postgraduates will add the buyer electronics, aviation, manufacturing, electricity generation and distribution, telecommunications business as electronics engineers.
  • EXTC engineers can work in any company because nowadays every company has there own communication system.
  • EXTC engineers have very good scope for future but nowadays there are so many students are choosing this field. So if you want job with good package you have to do something extra also apart from studies ( I am not talking about courses like computer language and all).


I put some video in between the post do watch guys because its shows you reality of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

So guys If you have any doubts, any suggestion & your opinion about EXTC engineering please let me know by your comments…



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