What is Google dorks? | Google Dorks list | Google hacking tool

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We all know that Google is the worlds largest search engine. Once in a life, I think everyone has a taught that can we hack Google?. Sometimes while we were searching something on Google we didn’t get proper results. In this post, I will tell you how you can do advance Google search using Google Dorks. I will tell you in detail about What is Google Dorks?. I will also give you Google Dorks list Google hacking tool this 2 tools will increase the efficiency of Google search results.

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What is Google Dorks? | Google Dorks list | Google hacking tool

What is Google dorks?

A Google Dork is one type of search string which uses some special advanced search operators to find the proper information which is not easily available on the normal search result of Google Search engine results.

Google Dorks Cheat Sheet

In simple words, Google Dorks helps to find results which are not easily available on the Google Search Engine Result. 

In this post, I will give a list of Google Dorks list operators.

I will tell you the detail information about how you can use these operators.

I also have one more surprise which is in this post at the end I will give you Google hacking tool Based on Google Dorks operators.

Google Dorking also known as Google Hacking. 

Guys this the answer to your 1st question, which is what is google dorks? stay tuned and know everything about Google Dorks…

Don’t forget to download the Google hacking tool…

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Uses of Google Dork

There are some uses of Google Dork are listed below. Read it carefully to know what is the use of Google Dork

Uses of Google Dork:

  • Google Dork is used to finding the security loopholes in any websites.
  • It will allow hackers to break loopholes break in to or disrupt the websites.
  • Google hacking is the type of computer hacking technique which uses Google search and other Google search applications to find security holes in websites.

What are Google dorks? | Google Dorks list | Google hacking tool

  • Google Dorks involves using Google to identify vulnerabilities in websites.
  • Google Dorking is a very powerful tool.
  • Basically, You can not use it to exploit vulnerability but you can use it to discover them.

So guys, these are the uses of google dork if you have any queries comment down below…

Google Dorks list

In the Google Dorks list operators are divided into two parts.

1) Basic Operators

“+”: This Basic operator is only used to joint the words and create a string of those words.

Example: hello+world

The above will show all the results which contain hello and world both words.

“|”: When we use this operator search engine performs logical OR operation.

Example: Hello | World

It shows all the site which contain “hello” or “world” or ” both of them”.

” * “: The wild card for the single word.

Example: fire *for

It will return documents containing the phrase like fire “anyword” fox

Here anyword means anything like the, in, go, for etc.

“~”: These synonyms search for a specific keyword and words.

that are similar to that word.

Example: ~neuroscience

It will return similar words like neurobiology, neurology etc.

“.”: Single character wild card

Example: m.trix

It will return matrix, [email protected], metrix etc.

” “: Use quotes around a search term

Example: “vootpool”

It will reduce 99.99% irrelevant content from search results.

“- “:- It excludes a search term

Example:- apple-red

It will exclude the red apple

“…”: – it is a Range search

Example: $250…$500 laptops

It will Find laptops that cost $250 to $500.

So, guys, these are the all Basic operators in google dorks list

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2) Advanced Operators

These are the very important command in Google Dorks list so guys read it carefully…

“inurl”:- Searches for a single word or phrase in the

URL of the search result.

Example: inurl:rahilmulla

This query will return the pages which includes the

term rahilmulla rank in its URL

“site”:-The results come from a specified site.

Example: Site:vootpool.com

As we can see we use site dork to find all pages and subdomain of vootpool.com

“intitle”: Searches for the single word or phase in the title of the search result.

Example: intitle:webhosting

It will display all results containing word hacking in title.


Example:- allintitle: mighty ghost hack

This will display pages with titles having all three words.


Example: cache: www.vootpool.com

This is used to lookup for cached pages by Google.


Example: intext:hacking

This Dork is used to search for pages & websites that contain the specific word that you are searching for.


Example: allintext:hacking word

allintext is same as intext but it will show that results which contain all the text specified in the text of the page or site.


Example: inanchor:clicIk

Example will show all the site which have links with the next “click”


Example: filetype:extension

This searches a specific file type.

You can simply join more than one dork to make results even better. Combine like


Example: link:yahoo.com

It will show result documents containing one or more links to www.yahoo.com

So, guys, this is the Advance Operators in Google Dorks list

As far as I know, these are most commonly use Dork and there are other are also available like related weather, movie etc.

Google hacking tool

Let’s talk about how hackers use Google operators…

Google operators are very famous among hackers and they take full benefits of it.

Sensitive information needed by hackers which are not easily retrieved through common search can be produced by the help of Google operators.

If hackers want to retrieve .mp4 file of a particular site then he/she has to use the operator “filetype” with the URL as well as the extension of the file.

A hacker can retrieve the site of the specified domain with the help of the operator “site”.

These operators are followed by the separating colon and the domain name.

Its an easy tool for hackers to get an exact outcome in just one click.

If you want more Examples of an Advance dork then

Check out these websites:



In the end, I have one surprise for you all click below link to download Google hacking tool which will help to use Google dorks.

Click here to download the Google hacking tool

Watch the above video to know How to use the Google hacking tool in an efficient way…

So guys this is all about Google Dorks…

After reading this post now you will come to know about,

what is google dorks?

uses of google dork

Google Dorks list

Google hacking tool free download link

If you have any douts or suggestions comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…


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