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Today I am going to talk about Bidvertiser Adsense Company. This post is specially for Bloggers. In this post, I will tell about overall How to Apply Bidvertiser Ads On WordPress websites

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Introduction Of Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser Ads

  • Bidvertiser ads is Adsense agency like Google Adsense which will provides Ads to websites.
  • Its on-the-spot Bid Per Click offers web site house owners with the flexibility to sell their ad area, mechanically, to the very best bidder.
  • It’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency founded in 2003. It has started its journey in the same year Adsense did.

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  • It had no criteria like minimum visitors and maintenance of CTR etc which means you get instant approval. Getting ads takes hardly few minutes.
  • It has 2 options of earning ie Publisher and Referral also you can advertise your own website.
  • Bidvertiser has no limit on the number of ads which one can place( Google Adsense has limit of max. 8)
  • It has the lowest payout of only $10!!!!!

How to Apply Bidvertiser Ads On WordPress websites

Step 1: First, you have to go the Official Website of Bidvertiser by clicking the below image

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Step 2: Click on the JOIN NOW – ITS FREE button


How to Apply Bidvertiser Ads On WordPress websites

Step 3: You will get a screen like the below where you have to fill in the required details.

How to Apply Bidvertiser Ads On WordPress websites

you will have to confirm your email address by entering the activation code.

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Step 4: Select the Add new Web Zone under a new domain option and fill in the details.

Title is the name you want to give to this specific Ad as in header, sidebar etc

Bidvertiser Ads

Step5: Enter your web address and select a category and subcategory according to your topic of the website.

click on finish.

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Step7: The final step. You will be redirected a phone verification page where you have to confirm your phone number by entering a 4 digit verification code sent to you by SMS. and then you are done.


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Step1: select the type of ad you want to display. For that click on CHOOSE TEMPLATE.

Bidvertiser Ads

Step2: after this Select the required kind of template for ads you want.

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Bidvertiser Ads

Step 3: its time to place ads on your website.  Click on GET AD CODE.

Bidvertiser Ads

Step 4:  copy that code.

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Step 5: Open your WordPress dashboard. Got to Appearance. then Widgets. Select the TEXT widget.

Bidvertiser Ads

Note: 1) click on visual and then paste code

2) keep tittle empty.

Step 6:  hit on save.

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Note: If you want more Ads different sides of website just click “Add New Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser Ads

You are successful in installing ads on your blog. Happy earning.


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So guys this is the way how to apply bidvertiser ads on wordpress websites

If you have any suggestion or douts about how to apply bidvertiser ads on wordpress websites comment down below

Happy vootpooling…

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  1. ASHUTOSH Kumar

    Ads will be shown directly or it will take 48 hours?????

    1. vootpool

      Yes, it will take 48 hours sir…

  2. George

    Hi Rahil, thank you so much for this post, really helpful.

    Please I’m stuck on trying to verify my WordPress website first with Bidvertiser where I’m required to copy the verification code to the home page of my website Do I copy the code in the TEXT widget as you have shlown above?

    Please help me, thank you in advance

    1. Rahil Mulla

      You can contact me on instgram my Insta ID is @vootpool_

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