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(Last Updated On: February 21, 2019)

Hello guys!!! In today’s generation internet in a need of our daily lifestyle. You must be using the Internet for a number of years now but do you really use the web to its full potential?. Today I will show you how you can enhance your internet experience and How to use internet like pro?.

How to use internet like pro?

It includes numerous handy internet tips and tricks, helpful websites and more to make sure you use the internet betterRead till the end at the end I have one best trick for you.

Top tricks How to use internet like pro?

  1) Handle PDF files

  • PDF’s mainly is the more handy document to share. but they are pain to performing any type of manipulation.
  • visit this website to work with PDF’s
  • There are multiple services related to PDF.
  • You can add watermark, delete pages.
  • You can split your PDF, Lock your PDF with the password.
  • So guys, now if you have any work-related PDF visit above site.

  2) Soft Block on Twitter

  • In twitter, there are time when annoying people are following you.
  • There is a simple step you can make them unfollow you.
  • Simply log in to your twitter & go to there profile.
  • Block the person & quickly unblock them.
  • Follow them back again.


  3) Find TV Shows 

  • Sometimes its difficult to find TV shows.
  • you can simply use this site
  • Choose your country.
  • Find TV shows and movies you want to watch it.
  • Get the list of website where it will be available.

  4) Find Out if Your Email Has Been Leaked?

  • Data leaks is happening almost every other day.
  • To know about your personal information security.
  • visit this site.
  • enter your email id.
  • it will show you branches of your id.

  5) Secure your device with virus

  • sometimes while downloading anything you always have one fear of virus in the link.
  • I have one solution which will help you to check the link.
  • visit the site
  • Paste the link below.
  • It will scan the link.
  • You can also upload any file to scan.

  6) Send Self Destructing Files

  • This will help you to transfer document if a receiver is far away from you.
  • open the link
  • upload the file which you want to send. one link will generate.
  • send the link to the receiver.
  • delete the link.
  • You can protect that link with the password.

So guys this are Top 6 tricks which will help you How to use internet like pro?

If you have any douts or suggestion comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…


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