Tips To Pass By Doing last night study for engineering exams

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

last night study for engineering exams

So are you an engineering student? Just like me! Tomorrow is your exams and you have not even touched the book yet? So cheer, this post is for students like us only. Scholars (mostly girls) please stay away.

last night study for engineering exams

Have you have already given up thinking, “What the hell can I do at this moment? Tomorrow is the exams!” Think again! You are an engineering student & last night studies are every engineering student’s epitome. Every engineering student has used this last night study technique once in their life. After all, according to a famous Facebook page, only engineering students can understand the study of last night!

Tips To Pass By Doing last night study

Are you worried about how you’ll clear your papers in the upcoming examinations? I have seen many engineering students who get K.T in more than the limit needed to pass the year. It is different in different universities in India.


Tips To Pass By Doing last night study


First of all, you will have to believe that you can pass the exam by studying in one night. This is the most important and toughest task. Most of the students fail here.


For the night is dark and full of terrors you will need these things to stand still and to win the battle of concentration against drowsiness.

  • A friend which is in the same situation as you. Do not study alone because as the night proceeds a moment will come where you will fail to keep your eyelids apart. He will not let you sleep and will help you with confusions.
  • Internet plan to search google. When it comes to refreshment meditation, 10 minute nap, walking etc. can not be as effective as checking your crush’s profile on Facebook. Have an internet plan.
  • Balance in a phone to call the intelligent ones in case you stuck somewhere.

last night study for engineering exams

Start: Shut the door. Call the Einsteins to do not put their phones on silent because you might need them in night. Confirm which exam it is tomorrow.

Sorting: Convince yourself that you cannot study the whole syllabus and you have to take risk of leaving some topics.

  • 40% – Master few of the important topics that can cover 40% of the paper. This can be done. Dedicate the night for this.
  • 30% – Quickly go through some more topics in 1 hour. Provided you have mastered the above 40%, you will be able to do another 30% of the paper by general knowledge and your relationship to the course. If you can not convince the examiner confuse him.

    Collectively 40% and 30%  are called smart study.

  • 30% – This 30% will be dealt in exam hall on the account of help provided by fellow students on the way to washroom. Peep in other’s answer sheets, ask the girl behind you or write anything you can come up with. Don’t leave it.

General Tips:

  1. Don’t stick to a topic. If its confusing leave it. Brilliant ones study every thing yet they leave questions in exams.
  2. For theory, remember the data tables and explain them in 2 pages.
  3. For numerical, remember formula and steps not the concept.

In morning, on your way to the exam center don’t listen if someone is asking or telling you any concept. Put your earphones in and sing. Walk slowly, no sudden moves and avoid shaking your head as you might mix the concepts residing in your brain.

Tips To Pass By Doing last night study

The night before the exam is the most important night which determines your performance the next day. Full night study is a big NO. There is obviously no point in studying if you failed to write the paper with your full attention no matter how hard you studied for it. If you have not taken proper sleep, you won’t be able to give your 100%. So make sure that you sleep properly for at least 7-8 hours. I won’t suggest that stop studying totally on the day before the exam because it depends on what type of exam it is. So study if you feel like studying and don’t be anxious. Listen some good music.

For audio visual format of this information click here.

For Time Management Tips for Exam Days click here.


Just one exam cannot determine your future.

So guys this is the way of doing last night study for engineering exams

If you have any douts or suggestion for last night study for engineering exams
comment down below

Tips To Pass By Doing last night study

Happy vootpooling…



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