Mirror Website technical feature

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2019)

Mirror Website

Mirror Website

A Mirror Website is a replica of an already existing site, used to reduce network traffic (hits on a server) or improve the availability of the original site.

Mirror sites are useful when the original site generates too much traffic for a single server to support.

Mirror sites also increase the speed with which files or Web sites can be accessed: users can download files more quickly from a server that is geographically closer to them.

For example, if a busy New York-based Web site sets up a mirror site in England, users in Europe can access the mirror site faster than the original site in New York.

If the original site generates too much traffic, a mirror site can ensure better availability of the website or files. For websites that offer copies or updates of widely used software, a mirror site allows the site to handle larger demands and enables the downloaded files to arrive more quickly.

Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and other companies have mirror sites from which their browser software can be downloaded.

Mirror sites are used to make site access faster when the original site may be geographically distant from those accessing it.

A mirrored web server is often located on a different continent from the principal site, allowing users close to the mirror site to get faster and more reliable access.


Port mirroring of Mirror Website

Port mirroring allows network administrators to analyze data, monitor traffic and diagnose network problems. By placing a protocol analyzer on a port, administrators can keep track of switch performance.

Mirror Website

When port mirroring is enabled, a switch sends copies of all network packets from one port to another to be analyzed. Different switch manufacturers have their own names for port mirroring, including Switched Port Analyzer, as coined by Cisco.

Content delivery network

Mirroring could be considered a static form of content delivery. Similar to a mirror site, a content delivery network (CDN) exists as multiple copies on servers in different locations around the world.

Like a mirror site, a CDN allows for easier access to content from geographically diverse locations.

Even when bandwidth is limited, a CDN can meet requests such as delivering streaming audio and video content. However, a CDN is not an exact replica of a site, but caches content from the original site.

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