Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2022)

WooCommerce is one of the best options to set up an eCommerce store. It has enormous flexibility that no other eCommerce platform can offer you. 

Although setting up an eCommerce store using WooCommerce is affordable, what you might find challenging about building your WooCommerce store is finding the right set of plugins. 

This article will make choosing the right plugins a lot more easy by introducing you to a bunch of hand-picked plugins that can help you with building and scaling your WooCommerce store.

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Multilingual

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

Do you wish to scale your business to sell across different countries? Then it should be available in multiple languages. You can easily turn your WooCommerce store multilingual using the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin.

From landing pages to checkout, the plugin allows your customers to complete their shopping journey in their language. In addition to providing content in their language, the plugin also supports currencies and payment gateways based on customer language.

Key features of the plugin

  • Enables WooCommerce stores to turn multilingual
  • Offers currency and payment gateways based on customer language
  • Allows you to send emails to site admins and clients in their language
  • Easily translation management for products, attributes, and categories.

Yoast SEO

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

Having a great-looking and well-maintained WooCommerce store is indeed very important but it alone won’t get you on top of search results and bring traffic to your website. Your site content should also be optimized to meet the search engine requirements to ensure a higher ranking. 

Yoast SEO is the most popular search engine optimization plugin for WordPress users. It’s simple to use and anyone can easily understand its features for optimizing content themselves. 

Blogs and product pages need high-scale optimization compared to other pages on a website. The plugin comes with a user-friendly readability and SEO checker to help you improve the content on these pages with very little effort.

Key features of the plugin

  • Readability analysis
  • SEO analysis
  • Focus keyword setting
  • Add custom meta description
  • Add custom SEO title

Yoast SEO also has a premium version that supports multiple keyword optimization, automatic internal linking suggestions, and more.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

Are you planning on scaling your WooCommerce site to a subscription model? Then this WooCommerce subscription plugin would be an ideal solution to go for. With the plugin, you can add subscription features to your website at an affordable price.

It supports both simple and variable subscriptions, allows setting up free trials, and lets you easily synchronize the renewal of subscriptions for your customers/subscribers. With support for various popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, subscription management will be easier for you.

Key features of the plugin

  • Supports simple and variable subscriptions
  • Set up a free trial
  • Set up sign-up fee
  • Synchronize subscription renewals

Advanced Custom Fields

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store

Creating a custom WordPress site will no longer be a complex or time-consuming task with the Advanced custom fields plugin. This WordPress plugin is a popular choice for WordPress developers. It comes with an easy user interface that makes their job easier than ever.

The field builder that comes with the plugin makes adding custom fields to WordPress post edit screens a breeze. You can choose from over 30 field types and add ​​fields to posts, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments, and even custom pages.

The plugin offers awesome support and extensive documentation to help with any queries users might have when using the plugin. 

Key features of the plugin

  • User-friendly interface
  • 30+ field types to choose from
  • Easy custom field management
  • Excellent documentation

The premium version of the plugin supports a Repeater field (that allows you to create a set of subfields that can be repeated multiple times), ACF blocks (PHP-based framework for developing custom block types), Flexible content field (provides multiple layouts and subfield options), and more.

WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store 1

Are you looking for a better way to manage users or customers in your WordPress/WooCommerce site? Then this WordPress import export users plugin is the right way to go about it. 

With the plugin, you can migrate and update all your user data with no effort at all. It offers several options to export user information so that you can filter the required data and export it. Export by user role (customer, subscriber, etc), user email, and date is supported by the plugin.

Key features of the plugin

  • Import and export users and customers
  • Bulk update user or customer data
  • Import users from different eCommerce platforms

The WooCommerce customer import export plugin is available in the pro version as well using which you can export and import guest users, custom fields, and schedule migrations to take place at preferred time intervals, etc. 

YITH WooCommerce Compare

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store 2

One of the hardest parts of purchasing online is choosing the right products from a plethora of options. If it’s a marketplace it gets even harder because of the sheer number of products available. ​​YITH WooCommerce Compare makes it easy for your shoppers by letting you add a comparison table on your website, where they can different products and compare their prices, features, and more.

Using this table, a shopper can compare as many products on a single window and reach a better decision regarding what to buy and not. The comparison table is highly customizable to meet your requirements. You can order the fields in the table, select what fields to show on the table, etc. 

Key features of the plugin

  • Easy to use
  • Order fields inside the table
  • Select fields to display on the table
  • Add a product to the comparison table from the product detail page and/or shop pages
  • Two display styles: link or button
  • Set the size of the product images in the comparison table

With the pro version of the plugin you can show comparison table on shop page, to add product image in compare widget, compare products even on custom attributes created from within the product, etc.

WordPress Backup and Migration

Ultimate List of Plugins to Build and Scale your WooCommerce Store 3

This WordPress backup plugin is one of the best solutions to backup and migrate your WordPress website to a different domain, a new host, etc. It lets you both manually backup your site and automate your backups with backup scheduling.

With the plugin, you can schedule backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can configure the time and date of backups, choose from multiple backup locations such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Local storage, FTP/SFTP, and restore backups from any of these locations.

This backup plugin is an ideal solution for those who want to backup or migrate an entire site or selected content like a database or specific files. There is no limit to the size of the website you can migrate with the plugin. Whether you have a big site or a small one you will be able to easily backup and migrate them. 

Key features of the plugin

  • One-click backup and restore
  • Scheduled backups
  • Supported backup locations – Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, Local storage
  • Migrates all sizes of websites
  • Database backup
  • Backup selected files

This WordPress migration plugin has a pro version that supports OneDrive and Dropbox (in addition to free version options) for backup, allows to choose from database tables to backup, scheduled backups at custom intervals, and more.


Choosing the right WooCommerce plugins can feel like a lot of work. But you can make it easier by going through the articles like above, reading user reviews, etc. You can also try out plugins if they are and see if they are a good fit or not. In case of premium plugins most vendors assure you with 30-days money-back guarantee, so you can try them also without losing your money.


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