How to get a PPC Job in Delhi 1

How to get a PPC Job in Delhi

Digital Marketing is now one of the booming fields in Delhi that include many jobs in different domains. If you want a PPC job in Delhi then, there are various techniques to get a PPC job in Delhi that we will discuss ahead in this article. Moreover, we will share complete information about the general queries of the people regarding PPC jobs in Delhi.

However, there are the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi that can be good to start a career as PPC Executive,  If you are a fresher.

Although, there are many benefits of learning  PPC that we will share in this article. Let’s head over with no delay.

How To Get a PPC Job in Delhi

Before heading over to the strategies for getting a job of PPC in Delhi. Let’s have a look over the criteria for getting the job at PPC. Here we go.

Criteria to Get PPC Job

  • Keyword research
  • Understanding Goal Conversions
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Search Advertising Module
  • Campaign designing
  • Re-targeting Module
  • Ad Extensions knowledge
  • How to add Negative Keywords
  • On-Page Optimization for Paid Marketing
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Geo-targeting of Ads
  • Adwords Reporting and Analytics

These are the basic requirements to apply for a  PPC Job in a reputed company. However, there are several advantages of learning PPC that we will discuss after strategies.

Techniques To Get PPC Job in Delhi

  • Find an Expert to Learn PPC

Attending an interview with no preparation will give you rejection and you will feel irritated for not getting a job in the PPC domain. SO, you need to find experts online or live classes that will help you out to gain knowledge about PPC and will enhance your skills slowly.

By then, you will come to know about a few experts from where you can gain quality learning of PPC. As PPC is not a small topic to cover in a couple of days. You need to give proper time to learn completely and practice simultaneously to have practical knowledge as well.

Next, you should understand the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization. As these are two different domains that will help you understand PPC in-depth.  Reportedly, you might take 2 to 3 months to learn PPC completely and should have a few projects with you as a report of your work quality.

Apart from that, you can discuss PPC on Twitter. As experts discuss the latest release about PPC generally which can be beneficial for you to get updated.

  • Stay Updated with PPC Jobs Interviews on different Job Profile Platforms

Staying updated on different job profiles will provide you complete information about vacancies for your preferred locations. As you need to be updated to get a reputed job in a company. Other than this, the interviewer always seeks candidates with work experience. So that, the candidate can cooperate with the organization easily and learn new things in less period of time.

If you are a fresher, then you need to have a few projects with you that could help you to get a PPC job in Delhi. At least 3 projects are required with designing a campaign with a minimum of 100 clicks on your Ad. So, you will have a basic knowledge of designing a campaign and getting clicks as well.

You can search for the recently asked question for the PPC executive job and get an overall idea to crack the interview.

  • Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

Linked In is the biggest professional platform on social media, where your profile will be verified by many HR recruiters and give a direct call for an interview. Hence, optimizing your Linked In profile is very important to get a PPC job in Delhi. As you need to optimize your Linked In profile and work on the platform to increase your connections by sending a connection request to different HR. So, your profile will be visible to them and you might get a call for an interview.

Further, you need to highlight skills on your profile as another person can easily understand your capability and can ping you. Although, this is a very helpful process to get a PPC job in Delhi through the Linked In platform.

  • Try to Get Free Certification Online for PPC

This is another way of highlighting your skills on your job profiles. Although, there are many free certifications online available such as; Coursera, Google, HubSpot, etc. You can learn online courses and give exams to get certificates. As this is very beneficial to get a PPC job in Delhi.

Apart from this domain, you can take every domain separately and for complete digital marketing. 

  • Enroll for PPC course in an Institute

Enrolling in a digital marketing institute will provide you complete assurance of becoming an expert in the PPC domain and placement in a reputed company as well. Although, you will be learning PPC through various mediums. It is better to learn inside-out of a domain from scratch to an advanced level. Parallelly, you will be assured with placement in a reputed company in the corporate industry.

You can enroll in the best institutes in Delhi for PPC courses like Digiperform. Digiperform is the largest exclusive digital domain specific training provider and has trained more than 24000+ students and placed 18000+ students. Besides, the institute has 40+ centers in PAN India.  Other than this, Digiperform was awarded as the most trusted brand in digital education by WCRC.

By enrolling yourself in a digital marketing institute, you will get great opportunities to get placed in MNCs and it will give a kick start to your career in digital marketing. This is one of the best ways to get a PPC job in Delhi.


PPC job is one of the reputed jobs in the digital marketing industry. As you need to apply for the right position to start your career as a PPC executive. This is all about how to get a PPC job in Delhi. We hope you enjoyed the article and for any queries, feel free to comment below. we would be glad to assist you at our earliest.

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