reason highest selling oppo vivo phone indian market

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Hello guys!!! Do u know guys why every smartphone shop in India have so many  Oppo and Vivo banner in stores? Do u know the reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market?

Today I m here to tell you the secret strategy of Oppo and Vivo companies

reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market

first of all, I will clear one myth about both these companies that they are not 2 different companies.

BBK Electronics is the parent company of the Vivo Oppo & one plus company. This is a Chinese company.

Oppo & Vivo these companies make good smartphone but they are not value for money smartphones. They have the best cameras but they are overpriced with respect to other features.

reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market

Oppo & Vivo these companies have very low sells in online market but they have very high sell in the offline market.

If you go any at a shop to buy smartphone they will convince you to buy Oppo and Vivo smartphones this is the reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market.

Benefits of selling Oppo Vivo phone to a shopkeeper

  • High Commission

If you are the shopkeeper if you sell any smartphone you will get 5-7% commission. But if you sell any of the smartphones of Oppo & Vivo  15-17%.

If you just keep banners of Oppo and Vivo outside shop shopkeeper will get almost 30-40k per month.

There are some special offers and holiday packages from the company to the shopkeeper if they complete the certain target of sales.

reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market

  • Advertisements

Oppo and Vivo these companies use huge amount of revenue advertising their smartphones.

Vivo has retained the title sponsorship for IPL 2018-22 with a record figure. They bid Rs 2,199 Crores.

This both companies hire most popular Bollywood stars for there branding of smartphones.

This the reason highest selling Oppo Vivo phone Indian Market…

So guys do remember next tym if you are going to buy any smartphone through offline shops…

If you have  any douts or suggestions comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…

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