Good and Bad Technology Predictions 2018

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2019)

Hello guys!!! First of all Happy New year Guys… Today I am here with something Special. As we all know technology is growing very fast. 2017 was a dark year for the school industry, peppered with cool gadgets, certain upgrades, and spectacular downfalls. What excitement can 2018 bring? Here I have a couple of Good and Bad Technology Predictions 2018.

Technology Predictions 2018

So guys be ready to see the future trailer of Technology Predictions 2018. In this list, there are some things which might shock you because 2018 is the amazing year for technology…


Good Technology Predictions 2018

  1) 5G Mobile Internet

  • 2017 is most used internet year. In this year due to Jio we get internet services at very cheap rate.
  • Due to this reason, everyone in India got the access of Internet.
  • The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has outlined 5G network speeds as being twenty Gigabits per second (Gbps).
  • However, an ITU spokesperson says it’ll be a lot of like ten Gbps with peak speeds at twenty Gbps.
  • Benefits of the 5G internet is you can use that for remote surgery, smart cards.



  2) Real Wireless Charging

  • Nowadays, We use disk as a wireless charger. But this time there is the better way of using the concept of Wireless charging.
  • Disk charger we have to first charge the disk and then you have to place your mobile on disk.
  • Now Predictions of 2018 are you will get real wireless charger.
  • By using this charger you can charge anywhere. Ther are so many companies which are working on this technology.
  • I have one video which is clear you the concept of Predictions of 2018  wireless charger. DO watch video so concept will clear easily…

  3) World of Artificial Intelligence

  •  In 2017 we saw lots of improvement in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
  • in 2018 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can still be making headlines, and there are doubtless to be a lot of sensationalized claims about robots desperate to take our jobs or maybe destroy us.
  • There are so many new applications and services created which have Artificial Intelligence (AI) its backbone.
  • However, stories about real innovation and progress should begin to receive a lot of prominences.
  • It’s better you can watch below video you will come to know easily.

  4) More Augmented reality

  • The worlds of virtual and augmented reality are changing incredibly fast–and we’re always looking to the future.
  • In 2018 isn’t dependent on hardware or software; it depends on outreach and marketing
  • We can expect to see exponential growth and a widely expanding utilization of VR and AR in 2018 within industries that have been reluctant to get onboard thus far.
  • Through 2018, overheating VR phones will still be a problem. Freezing them will be common.
  • By the end of 2018, there will be a leading VR social platform, and it won’t be the old guard.

  5) Technology In cars

  • Self-driving cars & electrical cars are all new generation cars. This technology is day by day increasing. These smart cars are also connected with each other
  • In 2018 there are so many new brands are which are coming with there self-driving & electrical cars.
  • Do watch video for latest technology prediction for Technology in cars.

Bad Technology Predictions 2018

  1) Net Neutrality

  • Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use.
  • This is the way that the internet has always worked.
  • In US thers is not having Net Neutrality which is not good. In India we have Net Neutrality.
  • So guys, i know that you all are thinking why should we have tothink about this.
  • Watch below video so you will com to know easily.


  2) Cyber Security

  • In 2017 Ransomware is the main challenge for cybersecurity. This virus leaked so many important data.
  • Technology world grow very fast with this ther are some people who misuse the internet.
  • In 2018, Be aware from this type f cybersecurity attacks.
  • This is harmful for countries because all the data nowrdays stored on internet.
  • Some people use harmful viruses to leaked important data.
  • Be safe guys!!!

Technology Prediction 2018

  3) Politics Vs Internet

  • Everyone know that Internet is best media of connecting with people.
  • So there are so many politicians who use Internet as a medium to pramote themself.
  • In 2017,  so many politicians use social media for ther benifits.
  • Its not bad thing but there are chances of manipulation because its on large scale its dagerous.
  • So guys be safe!!!

Technology Prediction 2018

So guys this are some important Good and Bad Technology Predictions 2018

I hope guys you all like this video…

If you have any Technology Predictions 2018 comment it below…

Happy Vootpooling…



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