The best camera phones | ranked by professional photographers

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2019)

Hello guys, Today I came up with one of the most important topics while purchasing a smartphone. Folding displays are upcoming technology, 5G is a work in progress & smartphones with a transparent design is still the next stage of design. The camera is one of the biggest competitions among the flagship smartphone. In this blog, I will show you the best camera phones which are ranked by professional photographers so stay tuned till the end.

The best camera phones | ranked by professional photographers

Reading Specifications on phones only tells you one part of the story of smartphones. Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 4, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 and One plus 7T Pro These are 5 best smartphones we gather to test which will be the best smartphone.

How we tested which will be the best camera phones?

Our main approach while testing a camera was designed to mirror 2 styles of professional photography. We started with white wall photography.

There are some samples of photos clicked on white wall photography shown below clicked by Rebecca Scheinberg.

the best camera phones

What may seem arbitrary is actually exacting in still-life photography.

This arrangement additionally allows us to see however the phones would modify the color of the rhubarb and also the texture of the rope.  Then we closed the blinds in the studio to check their night modes.

“This is absolutely difficult their cameras as a result of it’s managing difficult textures and attention-grabbing colors,” says Scheinberg.

After many hours in that controlled surroundings, we went outside to one of London’s green squares with one of the most difficult subjects of all: a dog.

Dogs rarely stop moving and our dog’s dark fur is a notably robust challenge for any processing-led camera.

Should it expose an attempt to bring out the felt detail, or to form the fur seem as dark because it will to the eye?

Which is the best camera phones

We found that Google Pixel 4 (from £669) to be our recommended as the allrounder of the 5 smartphones.

Our recommendation for low light professional photography & the best phone camera according to our professional photographer.

Google has officially announced that he will not launch Google Pixel 4 smartphones in India.

Click here to know the reason behind it.

However, our iPhone 11 Pro (£1,049) testing was the most striking. It was arguably the weakest in controlled conditions but tends to produce consistently eyeball-pleasing results out on the street. It’s the best phone camera for street photography.

 iPhone 11 Pro for £1,049 on Carphone Warehouse

The best camera phones ranked by professional photographers

Samsung Galaxy S10

Best Camera for portraits

Samsung Galaxy S10 didn’t stand out hugely in this crowd. Samsung’s top phones have excellent cameras that do not perform badly in any situation, but they don’t push for progress at the extremes

Main camera: 12MP with f 1.5 to 2.4 Aperture

Telephoto: 12MP with f 2.4 Aperture

Ultra-wide: 16MP  with f 2.2 Aperture

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Portrait was among the most convincing, but our studio shots show some weaknesses.
Its low-light image quality was best with, bizarrely enough, a less processed look than its better-lit counterpart.

Google Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 is quicker than its phone camera rivals and produced good results in our low light test.
The iPhone’s rope is relatively noisy, heavy on contrast but not in detail. Samsung and Huawei look clean but soft. OnePlus image is looks painted But Pixel’s low light image is perfect.

low-light performance & Photo purity

Main camera: 16MP 2.4 Aperture

Telephoto camera: 12.2MP 2x optical optical zoom 1.7 Aperture

Google Pixel 4 & Google Pixel 4XL Specifications

Google Pixel 4 maintains its image when you zoom in low-light. It’s having the ability to know and create fine texture detail, where other smartphones are struggling to differentiate it from signal noise, which is remarkable.

Astrophotography mode engages automatically in extremely low light and can be used to take ‘starry sky’ images when the phone is kept perfectly still.
It is proof of quite how advanced Google’s computational photography able to pick out details our eyes can’t see.

Google Pixel 4 Specifications | Pros and Cons of Google Pixel 4

OnePlus 7T Pro

The Flagship killer price

You might be expecting a little more from the Samsung, widely considered the number 1 name in Android smartphones. but it’s easy to spin a positive story out of the OnePlus 7T Pro performance.

Main camera: 48MP with f/1.6 Aperture

Telephoto: 8MP with f/2.4 Aperture3x Optical Zoom

Ultra-wide: 16MP with f/2.2 Aperture

This is the most affordable large screen smartphone here, from the smallest company by quite a profit margin. also, OnePlus gets the “most improved” award, having made major improvements to its camera performance in the last 20 months.

Yes, it slightly overexposed in its main studio shot, and its low-light image was painterly. But its images out in the real world were having glow in it.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Best pick for travel & telephoto

The highly regarded Huawei Mate 30 Pro suffered from this anemia affects the most. The phone seems to favor bringing out a high fur texture rather than prioritizing the wide look of the image.

Main camera: 40MP with f/1.6 Aperture
Telephoto: 8MP with f/2.4 Aperture & 3x Optical Zoom
Ultra-wide: 40MP with  f/1.8 Aperture


Apple iPhone 11 Pro

iPhones are less processing heavy than other smartphones. However, the iPhone 11 Pro guides the contrast and color of its images.

Main camera: 12MP with f 1.8 Aperture

Telephoto: 12MP with f 2.0 Aperture & 2x optical zoom

Ultra-wide: 12MP with f 2.4 Aperture

iPhone 11 Pro images look stylized, punchy and “ready to post”. But Apple makes certain choices for you, it blocks off others, if you’re the kind of photographer who edits images after taking them.

Many people don’t want to edit their shots, though, and even more won’t realize the extent to which an image can be salvaged or improved by editing, using phone apps let alone Photoshop. iPhone avoids trash photos because they don’t look good at a first impression.

So guys this is the best camera phones ranked by professional photographers list. Now read the conclusion given below so you can decide which smartphone in the best camera phones according to your needs…

Which phone should you buy?

Well, the Pixel 4 wins this particular test, in large part thanks to the amazing fidelity of its low-light images.
if you buy the Google Pixel 4 rather than the Pixel 4 XL you can’t rely on it to last through the day. its portrait mode can’t handle complicated subjects.

Google has officially announced that he will not launch Google Pixel 4 smartphones in India. Click here to know the reason behind it.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the obvious best choice for lazy shooting. Its processing spits out images served the way most people like them, its low light images are slightly noisier than some and the approach is prescriptive.

Huawei earns points for the Mate 30 Pro’s excellent zoom, but on occasion, its image handling drops a clanger.

Samsung’s position hasn’t modified a lot since we tend to last undertook a test like this. The Samsung Galaxy S10 takes great photos, but there is some more work to be done if it wants camera performance to match its no. 1 position for Android smartphone camera sales.

And OnePlus 7T Pro? Its low-light pictures might look a lot of natural however there’s lots of editing. The OnePlus 7T pro is additionally well the most reasonable option here.vootpool home tech blogger technology blogger

So Guys this are The best camera phones ranked by professional photographers!

If you have any douts or suggestion in the list of  The best camera phones ranked by professional photographers! comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…




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