Tips to select the right Engineering branch

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)

Tips to select the right Engineering branch

Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science or something else? Deciding upon the right Engineering stream is quite tricky for both students and their parents.

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Most of us go through the same dilemma after clearing different entrance exams for Engineering. Career options for medical and arts students are relatively clear, however, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right branch in engineering.

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tips to select the right engineering branch

Type of Engineering

Engineering is an extensive subject, and with so many types to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is for you. To help you to decide, you should try and identify what you’re passionate about.

What gets you excited, and what do you spend your free time? All types of engineering include some form of problem-solving (and generally focus on making life easier), but what engineering-related solution gives you the most buzz?

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If you choose a subject you’re naturally interested in, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated during your course, and stay involved with the subject whilst pursuing an engineering career.

This is basically a combination of theory and practical. Keeping this in view and thinking about the course will help you to make e decision about you choice.

Let me start with Civil,this is a wonderful course and almost every college have good infrastructure for this, both in terms of faculty and laboratories.

On the other hand, this is really a tough job and most of the going to sites . taking care of construction management stuff. You can not make good money in this field working for someone and starting own company need good investment and contacts, which is difficult for a common Indian family. Mechanical comes with similar issues.

Electronics and Electrical is very good and highly job oriented courses. No doubts and questions about that fact. But when it comes to faculty and practical experiments most of the colleges does not have sufficient infrastructure.

Moreover after finishing most of these engineers work in software companies as there no sufficient companies who work in core areas of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

At last, we are left with Computer engineering and IT. The infrastructure required for these courses is very easy to provide.

if teaching is not good at college finding a tutor outside even in a small town is not a problem. More importantly, when google, Microsoft and other top companies come for campus interviews they don’t allow any other stream than CS and IT.

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So guys this are tips to select the right engineering branch

If you have any douts or suggestions on tips to select the right engineering branch comment down below…

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