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Hello guys, This is the vootpool website owner Rahil Mulla About Us page. In this page you will get all the information about me. Why I started this website and what is your benefit to use this website.

On the 21st of March 2017, I launched this website. Now I wanted to write my Digital Marketing journey which help others to take us Digital Marketing as a serious career.

This is going to be about me and my journey so far. So if you are passionate about Digital Marketing  then only read you should read this, otherwise, check out the other categories of vootpool.

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Little bit about me:

For all the new readers, I’m Rahil Mulla, Founder of Vootpool.

By profession I am a Digital Marketer Freelacer and by qualification I am an EXTC Engineer.

I have dedicated my 4+ years to learn Digital Marketing and along with that I also trained so many individuals in this field. Helping others grow has in Digital Marketing is always been my biggest driving force and in this story >I will tell you about the important time period of my blogging journey.

Getting back to my educational background, I completed EXTC Engineering. When I was in 1st year of Engineering I got to know about Digital marketing.

My Blogging Journey: How it all started

In 2017, When I was in the 1st year of Engineering I attended one workshop in Ghatkopar which was related to Digital Marketing. That workshop is organised by Company Corporate Infocom Private Limited (CIPL). CIPL provides Websites and basic digital Marketing training.

In that workshop first time I got to know about Digital Marketing. I think that day was a turning point in my life. So I decided to purchase that product from CIPL.

Selecting a domain name

I was literally confuse what should be domain name of my website. I research little bit about How to select perfect domain name.  So after lots of research I decide to select vootpool as my domain name.

How vootpool found its niche?

Initially, I was more interested in technology stuffs. So I wrote about the usual Stuffs related technology which you could probably find on other blogs. 

I was wondering why nobody told me that I could follow my passion and make money. That’s where I made a commitment to myself that I will let others know about Digital Marketing and how they can follow their passion and live a boss free life.

This is where I started sharing everything I was learning about Digital Marketing  and started sharing my experience of Digital Marketing.

Since all content was based on my own learning experience soon vootpool visitors started liking it and that’s how vootpool found its niche which is Digital Marketing.

If you are still confuse to select niche for your blog you can read this post it will clear all your doubts.

What’s Next for vootpool?

We will keep evolving as a Digital Marketing blog and how you can make a living from home. I will keep you updated with what’s going to happen or when that happen in Digital Marketing.

vootpool is not a business for me, it is a home. I spend lots of time here, because I know people who visit, they are going to add something meaningful in their life from my website.

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