What is Walmart Flipkart deal all about?

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Hello guys!!! Today I am here with the most trending topic on the internet which is Walmart Flipkart deal in the market. In this post, I will tell you in detail information about both the companies and all about Walmart Flipkart deal & Flipkart Amazon deal. 

Walmart Flipkart deal

All About Flipkart company

  • Flipkart is the Indias Biggest E-commerce company. 
  • This company is Founded in the year 2007 by Mr. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.
  • Flipkart started by selling books online & popularise the idea of buying books online.
  • launches his own products under the name of Digiflip.
  • It is the one of the best competitor for Amazon.
  • This company has so many sponsor companies like Motorola Xioami and Microsoft.

Walmart Flipkart deal

Amazon & Flipkart Deal

  • Amazon is worlds biggest E-commerce company.
  •  uses so many strategies to lead up on the Internet market.
  • Due to this reason, so many times company is in the loss.
  • Flipkart is the main competitor for Amazon.
  • Few days back Amazon gives an offer to buy 51% shares of Flipkart.
  • But Flipkart rejects this offer because he wants healthy competition in market.

Walmart Flipkart deal

Walmart Flipkart deal

  • Walmart is the worlds biggest store. (like DMART)
  • This company has very big business in USA China.
  • This company wants to grow his business in India.
  • Due to some issues, this did not happen.
  • Walmart is giving the Offer to Flipkart buy 86% shares.
  • Flipkart accepted this deal in 51%.
  • Walmart wants to bite a chunk of the Indian retail market worth $670 billion, of which retail is $20 billion (and expected to touch 60 percent this year).
  • After this deal, we can see stores of Flipkart in India.
  • Due to this Flipkart start hiring freshers for jobs.

consequences of Walmart Flipkart deal

So guys I think you know all about Walmart Flipkart deal.

If you have any douts comment down below.

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