why no solar panels phones? Free Charging?

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Hello guys, Today I am here with a very interesting topic I am talking about which thing. Once in a life, you always have one question in your mind that why no solar panels phones?. Today I am here to give you the answer to this question so guys read it carefully.

Why No Solar Panels Phones?

Aside from screens that are prone to smashing, and disappearing headphone jacks. one of the most annoying things about smartphones is just how quickly their lithium-ion batteries drain.

why no solar panels phones?

Many basic electronic calculators don’t need an excellent deal of power to work, so a small, inbuilt solar panel is usually enough energy supply.

On a solar-powered calculator, energy is generated that absorbs light and converts it into energy that powers the calculator.

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So as it speaks a calculator do not require a great deal of power to operate. While a mobile phone requires great power than the calculator.

History Of Solar-Powered Smartphones

Why No Solar Panels Phones?

The history of solar-powered smartphones makes for an interesting, yet disappointingly bare, timeline.

  • A year later, in 2010, Puma teamed up with Sagem to bring out the Puma Phone.
  • Solar panel that was supposed to enhance the fitness capabilities of this ‘active’ phone, tracking and a GPS chip.

However, the solar panel was just there to stay the battery topped up, instead of offering the first means that of charging.

The potency simply wasn’t high enough, despite the lower power needs of this feature phone.

Why No Solar Panels Phones?

  • Samsung was officially the first manufacturer to bring a solar-powered phone to market in 2009.
  • The Guru E1107  launched in India. The handset was able to provide between five and 10 minutes of talk time off one hour of solar charging.
  • Months later, Samsung brought out another solar-powered device called the Blue Earth.
  • Eco-friendly product and launched in a much wider range of markets, including the UK, but it was withdrawn shortly after sales figures are nowhere to be found, but it’s hard to imagine the technology was anything other than a failed trial.

The main reason behind why no solar panels phones?. We require very high energy to charge our mobile phone. That much energy for solar panel is very large we can’t fit that on our mobile phones.

If you want to charge that phone we have to put that phone in sunlight which can heat our mobile phone.

This are some reason and facts why no solar panels phones?

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